On May 26th, 1887, engineer William Jacomb was found dead at his desk - hunched over a manuscript that shed light upon his career and the industrial age.


Over a century later, this manuscript is now in the public eye for the first time, revealing a world of corruption and forbidden power throughout the Victorian era.


Inspired and informed by historical events, and catalogued for the modern reader, The Great London Conspiracy is a startling look into the world of engineering, focusing on the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the SS Great Eastern and those that worked on her.


This is the secret tale behind the age that created our modern way of life.

Available now in Hardback, Paperback or Ebook Editions

the book of revelation exists. it's a book of blueprints.

November 10th

Five star Ratings - 60 Copies sold

Now with sixty copies sold across all formats and fantastic reviews on Amazon.co.uk, The Great London Conspiracy will be visiting the Leeds Record & Book Fair at Kirkgate Market, Leeds, with its first ever face-to-face bookstall. Visit us there!

September 5th

35 Copies Sold

The author is blown away by demand for The Great London Conspiracy, with a whopping 35 sales across all formats!

August 24th

Amazon Kindle Edition Arrives

The Great London Conspiracy is now officially on Amazon Kindle; in a 480 page, fully optimised e-book edition with larger font and illustrations.  Only £1.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Buy Now!


July 20th

Hardback Launch

The Great London Conspiracy is officially released!

£18.99 including Shipping & Handling for a luxury edition of the book, self published via blurb with a bookmark, leather cord and anchor charm - signed by the author. 

The London News

the Great London Conspiracy
deluxe ltd. edition hardback

This beautiful matte hardback edition has been designed and organised by the author to ensure it shows the story as it is intended to be read.


With a stunning matte imagewrap cover, superb quality printed illustrations and an elegant, stylish typeface, this beautiful hardback captures the tone of The Great London Conspiracy as readily as the prose inside.


Starting at only £18.99, this beautiful hardback book is available internationally, hand signed by the author, along with a Paperback edition and Amazon ebook.


Grab your copy of this unique, illusive mystery novel - and the secret story behind the era that created our modern way of life.

Now Available

The Great London Conspiracy.

By Jordan Mooney.

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