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With extra large digital illustrations, the Great London Conspiracy's ebook edition is fully optimised for all Amazon e-reader devices. Amazon are actually fantastic at paying very generous author royalties - not bad for an evil corporation - and do great work to support independent authors.

Even if you are boycotting Amazon, there are plenty of independent book sellers on the platform with physical editions available at some of the lowest prices online - all linked up to the same product page for your convenience!

Physical editions

With a soft touch cover, chapter illustrations and a typeface designed by the author, the Great London Conspiracy is available in a stunning hardback edition and a classic paperback for fantastic prices - sometimes even lower than the e-reader edition if you find a good seller!


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The Great London Conspiracy's physical editions are printed by Blurb.


The Great London Conspiracy is an intriguing tale that winds its way through historical facts. Alternative history that's easy to believe and a joy to read. Highly recommended.


—  KnightSkye57, Amazon Reviewer