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The Great London Conspiracy by Jordan Mooney

Historical / Speculative Fiction

320 pages - 27 Chapters - 28 Illustrations


Before I begin - and impart to you this most terrific, if bizarre tale - I feel I should explain the purpose of this documentation. My name is William Jacomb. I became assistant to that most incredible of engineers, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, in 1851 - at the comparatively young age of twenty years. I, alongside this most awe inspiring figure, of whom I had the highest respect, adoration and loyalty, witnessed the construction of his crowning achievement - the gigantic vessel that is The Great Eastern - and thus the final mark upon his impressive repertoire. Indeed, the project that many believe took his life upon completion in 1859. 

Upon his deathbed, only hours before he passed, my master related to me the seeds that would sow into a most terrific - and at the time, it seemed, wholly unbelievable - story that serves to explain the quite incredible progress made in our century. It is 1887, and as I feel I am reaching the dusk of my life - upon reflection, it seems only wise to repeat this tale onto yourselves, no matter which era, generation, or indeed iteration of humanity to which I may be outreaching. 

This is the story of the Empire's fantastical striding into this modern era of progress. It is, as far as I can possibly ascertain, a tale of truth, and one corroborated by many of our Kingdom's greatest minds. Gaps have been filled by many learned gentlemen whom also have had access to this doubtless controversial information. Some are inventors, some are scientists, and some are gentlemen - should such a thing exist, which I believe to be wholly untrue - of Parliament. 

Before I truly delve into the following, it feels only correct to provide historical basis for my own achievements. Many of you are likely to dismiss me as a foolish theorist, trying to plant a conspiratorial view upon my Government and fellows for my own gain. This could not be further from the truth. 

I can prove my qualifications; and will do so in this volume. It is throughout my colourful career following the death of Brunel that I have made my incredible discoveries behind our great empire. 

I write to you now at my desk as the Chief Resident Engineer of London's South Western Railway, which I have held since 1871. There is a relatively cool air this evening in Waterloo station and, for whatever reason, I now feel it is time to present the truth. It is under considerable opposition that I continue writing - many warnings, threats and even confrontations have taken place in the preceding weeks.


Many men more powerful than myself, and, I dare say, those reading this volume, would rather this piece not be published. I have been asked constantly if I fear for my life in such circumstances; I have been begged by my family - whom are as of yet uninformed as to the true nature of my manuscripts - to relent the creation of this record.  In answer to these questions, I say only this. 

I do not doubt these gentlemen and their ability to remove me from this plane; but if I am to meet my maker I would far prefer to do so in clear conscience. 

I thank you for taking the time to educate yourself, and I hope that, should you find yourself too sceptical to take this literature seriously, you shall find the content titillating. 

I shall begin with the words - and circumstances - of the man whom first relayed this story to me. I cast your minds back to 1859, and my master, Isambard Brunel - beginning from the final days leading to the Great Eastern's launch. I am afraid it is not an enormously pleasant tale; nor one that will bring us to an exciting conclusion quickly. Rather, it will plant the first seeds in your understanding, as it did mine. 

Yours truly, and with great sincerity, 

William Jacomb,  
C.R.E of the South Western Railway
Waterloo Station 

The Great London Conspiracy.

By Jordan Mooney.

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